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I was playing about with my camera on saturday and decided to take some random shots of the flat.  Most of them turned out to be of my yarn stash which was a little peturbing.  It is here, there and everywhere…







I am trying to knit it up.  Red knitting bag is my mug hug project bag, and the blue one on the chair is the yarn for the hugs… the stripey carrier bag is mum’s yarn that I’ve caked up.  The cream bag is a massive rug I’m half way through and there is a big hessian bag of yarn I’m trying to turn into a bed throw… and that doesn’t include my basket of “special” yarn (read expensive) and my basket of needles etc…. 

Crikey blimey.





Let’s distract ourselves with my favourite view in the flat:

my favourite photos of us taken at a friend’s wedding in 2009

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3 thoughts on “stash

  1. It’s quite frightening when you actually look at the yarn you have, isn’t it? I like divide and ignore as a tactic, and really that helps. Love the pics, hope we see the finished articles as well?

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