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another bank holiday weekend

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Normally a bank holiday weekend is an exquisite extension of the never long enough 2 day weekend, a day to be cherished and used to catch up on sleep, cook a good meal, see good friends and remind oneself that life is good and a 4 day week will be a more manageable prospect.

In Britain we have been spoiled with a double bank holiday weekend; one for Easter followed by mayday bank holiday and even further treated to a third bank holiday day for the Royal Wedding.

I’ve loved it, I have.  Just getting a bit worried about having to actually function to complete a 5 day week the week after next.  Especially as being a teacher, I’ve had from 9-25 april  inclusive as leave, and I only one managed one work day in the week beginning 4 April because I picked up a bug from the children… so in April I managed 5 days at work.  Well done me!

So this weekend I have watched the Royal wedding with mum and my brother and her house, then we celebrated her birthday on saturday.  Today I barbecued for the first time ever for my stepson-to-be and beloved and knitted, knitted, knitted as my friend  says “until my fingers fell off” so I can finish the teddy bear that was supposed to be a present for my new born nephew, who is getting older by the day (12 days now), and it is yet to be finished! 

Tomorrow brings the promise of a potential lie in and a roast dinner with my beloved.  What better way to end another long weekend?


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